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Data Entry Typing Test

As a response typist your job duties will be to post data to online forums and review panels. There are few Companies that pay you to post your messages, which can be pretty much about anything under the sun that is not vulgar, into these forums. You get paid for every post, reply, download etc. Other sites pay you for your reviews on certain subject matters. You can enjoy being a response typist because it is so much fun, getting paid to basically vent or express your thoughts only adds to this opportunity.

Typing Test

This is not required for any of the home-typing jobs, but is a very nice added feature that can make a difference in many of the opportunities. Speed and accuracy in typing, data entry, audio transcription and audio data entry are essential in many office situations. First Advantage offers a broad range of products covering these important skills.

Data Typing Test including:

  • Typing Speed and Accuracy tests allow checking a candidate's typing speed and accuracy

  • Data Entry Speed and Accuracy tests allow to check a candidate's alphanumeric or numeric data entry speed and accuracy

  • 10-Key testing allows testing numeric 10-key data entry speed and accuracy.

  • Audio Transcription and Shorthand tests assess a candidate's speed and accuracy when transcribing a document that is read aloud.

  • Audio Data Entry tests evaluate examinees on their ability to enter data into online forms from audio input.

Typing Training

  • Learn proper touch-typing technique.

  • Learn how to position your fingers and how to reach each key.

  • Develop speed and accuracy.

  • Learn about other programs that can save time and improve productivity.

  • Develop proper ergonomics, so you can work more comfortably and avoid injury.

  • Explore alternate ways to input text into the computer, including speech recognition and assistive technology.

This will prove to be an added feature when it comes to your home-typing portfolio. The certificate will easily be obtained when you take online typing training that few companies provide for free. You actually will receive online transcripts that can easily be verified and a copy of the certificate will be mailed to you directly.

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