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HYIP Mistakes

It goes without saying that you're responsible for your own investments, you shouldn't invest what you can't afford to lose and that this information shouldn't be taken as financial advice...

Doing what everyone else is doing - It's very interesting to watch some of the rating sites and how their Top Rated programs seem to fall one after the other. Maybe it's because all HYIPs have a limited life-span? Or is it because of all the rumours that start floating around once a HYIP gets in the spotlight? Or maybe, too much money coming in is too hard to resist!

Focusing on individual programs instead of the overall plan - Whenever you have to invest in any HYIP do not go with individual plan but focus on overall plan. Most of the people think that putting faith in one, two or three individual HYIPs doesn't make any sense given the nature of these businesses. So they prefer to make investment in 20-30 programs, but it is quite difficult to find 20-30 programs instead of 2-3 programs.

Getting greedy - Making money with HYIPs isn't really the problem. It's keeping the money in our pocket that becomes difficult. The temptation to reinvest every single cent to keep the profits growing is so great that persons reinvested all of their profits in HYIPs. If the program stopped paying then you find the reality that you should reinvest half of your profits and rest should keep to you, but greed for getting rich quickly is the real cause.

Investing big at the end of the year - Investing big money at the end of the year is a big mistake most people ever do. It's true that online marketing hits rock bottom around Christmas time. People don't have as much money to throw around. In fact, many people probably start withdrawing their HYIP profits around this time leading to a mini-HYIP-recession as it seems.

Investing without doing any research - It's even better to do a quick search on some of the big HYIP forums. Investing without doing any research about the HYIP could lead you to the trouble.

Not getting original spend back quickly - Not getting original spend back information prior to invest in any HYIP program is a big mistake. Having a clear monthly plan is a key to being successful with HYIPs. At the start of every month one should ask the following question:

"What If one of my main investments goes under this month... will this be a problem for me?"

Based on the answer he/she can decide how much they should withdraw, how much they should reinvest and what new HYIPs they should join.

Not testing the withdraw function - Has this ever happened to you: you've invested in an attractive HYIP, your profit is growing day after day, and everything is going nicely until you decide to withdraw some of your profit. Either the withdraw function doesn't work at all, or your withdrawal is forever pending. After making any initial test spend with any HYIP do a test withdrawal and don't invest any more funds until the withdrawal is successful.

Not tracking returns clearly - Not tracking the returns clearly is also a mistake. Do not track individual deposits and withdrawal but have a look on overall performance. The key is to track the records are simple.

Here are some of the main things that you can track for each HYIP:

  • Name

  • Web Site Address

  • Investment (amount invested from E-Gold, etc)

  • Worth (what's the current investment worth in this HYIP)

  • Earnings (how much you've withdrawn from this HYIP into your own E-gold account, etc)

  • Earning vs Investment ratio (what's your profit/loss)

  • Projected profit for next month

  • Any comments, interest rate, concerns, etc.

Saving up for one big withdrawal - Saving up for one big withdrawal is a big mistake because It's possible that they were scammers who weren't really investing the funds, but it's all possible that they'd invested all the funds and didn't have enough liquid funds to honor the withdrawal requests. That's why making small and regular withdrawals is often better for everyone.

Spending too much too soon - This is probably the biggest mistake people generally made in HYIP land. Putting large chunks of investments into individual HYIPs is always better because the HYIP on the top in today time will not be on top in future. So investing test spends in different HYIPs is always better. Making money with HYIPs is as much an art as it is a science. By setting and following your own rules you can dramatically reduce your risk of losing money and hopefully significantly tip the balance in your favor to make some serious returns.

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