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HYIP Rules

Remember, that making money with HYIP might be a reality, however if you want to make money more often than you lose it then you need to make the following rules part of your strategy and never forget them. If you forget them then you will more than likely begin losing more than you make.

Take out some of your profits - First of all, as you begin making money with your HYIP investment you do want to withdraw some of the money as you go along so you can enjoy your profits and not have so much to lose if that does occur. Too many people get greedy and keep all of their money in their HYIP account. You will make money with HYIP, but you will also lose, so take out some of your profits as you go along.

Prepare to Lose - Be prepared to lose and only invest money you can afford to lose. Don't think of earning a living on HYIP. Always invest in HYIP to earn extra income for other purposes such as setting up a business. HYIPs don't last forever! Invest after deep study - Once you have studied the market and know how it works you should go ahead and invest. Trying out the "trial" investments seems like a good idea to practice and understand what is going on. Go ahead and invest the minimum investment and practice that way.

Be conservative - If you really want to be successful with HYIP investing programs then you will invest 90% of your portfolio money in conservative programs and the other 10% you can invest in high risk HYIPs if you want to. Just remember, the higher risk HYIP programs might have a higher return on your money, but they can lose your money pretty fast as well. Going conservative for the long run will result in a steady income.

Skeptical - Always be a skeptical loser before you enter any program. When you are a skeptical person, you will do 10 times more research than an idiot who joins a program blindly.

No Guarantees - Frequently you will come across HYIP programs that promise amazing returns in almost no time at all. Remember, when it comes to HYIPs there is no guarantee whatsoever so let your research and knowledge do the work for you as to which program to invest in. Just because the program says it has a 400% return in 6 hours does not mean you should believe it. Remember, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Ask Questions - Before joining an HYIP program you need to make sure you are clear on how the program makes money and that all of your questions are answered. If for some reason customer support cannot answer your questions in a satisfactory way then this is a HYIP that should be avoided at all costs.

Watch for Warning Signs - When you are in a program, watch out for the warning signs! If your program is failing, don't bother crying over it. Look elsewhere for a better investment.

Zero Emotion - Don't let your emotion do your investing. Don't be Greedy. Don't be afraid. Just Stick to your Plan.

Do not read spam emails - If you receive a spam mails for a HYIP program delete it as fast as you can and don't think twice about opening it up. This might get you thinking of joining a HYIP program, however no HYIP program can promise a 200% return on every investor's money every single day.

Research - You must always do you own research before you enter into any program. Read the forums, read the monitoring sites such as ours and do a whois search.

These are just a few of the rules the HYIP professionals use to make money time and again. In fact, these rules if always followed will allow you to make money more often than you lose it and that is what HYIP investments are all about.

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