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Tips for online job success

Here are some tips for your online job success based on our previous experience:

Payment Options:

  1. Do the online job work as part-time only.

  2. Don't throw away your hard earned money in any scam auto surfs. You should go to forums like Get Paid Forum in which you can get advice from other members about the program you have decided to invest. The time you decided to invest is almost very important.

  3. Download any browser that supports tabbed browsing. The best one we recommend is Mozilla FireFox.

  4. Keep different passwords for each site. Don't save the password for online payment systems in any place of your computer because hackers can easily get access to your computer and can steal secret information's.

  5. Never spend money you can't afford to lose.

  6. Remember to bookmark all your favourite autosurf sites to one folder. Now you can open all sites in just one click.

  7. Try to build a website with your referral links so that you can get referrals easily.

  8. Use a separate email address for this work, as you will be getting lot of emails daily. Don't mix them with your personal emails.

  9. Use anti-virus protection along with firewall to protect your computer from viruses and unauthorized access. You can get them for free here.

  10. Use Online Payment Systems instead of requesting individual checks from every company. Use the same payment processor as an option to request your payment from each company. When you reach more than $150 in your online account, you may request for a bank transfer or check to your local address. This will minimize your transaction fees.

  11. You no need to enter password for each site as Firefox will automatically remember and enter password information of each site. This is just to save your time.

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